Wednesday, October 27, 2010


[Verse 1] (Charles Hamilton)

I just got an opinion, i aint' tryna black
But i said a nigga name, and he tryna clap
He tryna scrap, meantime i just rhyme the facts
It doesnt matter im scared and i aint tryna rap
Keep lookin' behind my back, is this nigga near?
Everybody's a spy, even the engineer
Shit is clear, i should've chilled when i had the chance
Now I'm gettin' approached by all these rappers' fans
"How you diss him and thought that you would be cool homie?
You'll be lucky if he don't pull out the tool homie
Who're you homie? some new nigga...
Who aint' got nothin' to do nigga, i cant fool with you
You new in this picture, you get chewed in this picture
Too many niggas know where you livin' and usin' pistols
Sleep with one eye open, be scared nigga
No matter where you go, we here nigga"

Watch your mouth when you talk about me
I don't care what you said, man you talkin' bout beef
And I'm the butcherman
I'm the butcherman
I'm the butcherman
I'm the butcherman

[Verse 2] (Charles Hamilton)

Aw man...
I got a wife and a kid on the way
So if it's today i get hit with a K, then she's pissed at my ways
But i got a fuckin' image to uphold
Niggas wanna blow my motherfuckin' liver through my soul
I aint' tryna have niggas at my Do', Six O' Fo' in the mornin' like
I cant even enjoy my fuckin' breakfast nigga
So much for me listenin' to this reckless nigga, What

[Verse 3] (Yung Nate)

Chuck i aint' lookin' for beef, cause i aint' got the time
That's why i keep niggas with me, they aint' gotta rhyme
You gotta Sick Scene, and they got a Nine
You reppin' yo coast, they reppin' homicide
Word to my mama, I'm really a mellow kinda guy
But these niggas is food in this evening, durin' Ramadan
So watch me eat, the majority of the industry
With just a little microphone, paper, pad, and pen and me
Fuck sayin' this is my year, this my whole fuckin' century
I'm everything you like, I'm a livin breathin' simile
The funny thing about liken', is that some niggas pretend to be
So remember when you see me, y'all motherfuckers aint friends of me
I seen some of ya'll in person, them niggas finicky
Guards by the bathroom, too scared to take a leak
Exposing in the game, Now everybody take a peek(look inside nigga!)
Hahaha, the fuck they gonna say to me

(Nate spazzin' out)


Chfan777 said...

hey can you please please please put up the lyrics to homophobia off the dead zone mixtape? thanks !

iWantLyrics! said...

can you put up the lyrics to waterworks off the j.dilla mixtape pleaseeeeeeeeee? thanks!

LazyPen said...

Request: All Alone Pt 2, finish all the incomplete mixtapes please

Anonymous said...

These lyrics are innacurate