Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Right Kind of Brownies

Charles Hamilton

Your mind takes a trip into places
In which you know it isn't safe to Go
But your Crazy with a flow
So when you're sick, you're wishin you can get around but No
It's a Maze and It's a amazing isn't it?
so you sit and just play with the mission of
Getting away with shit that you couldn't do in this life
So you sit tight, wishin that wishes come true
But than you come to your senses, and your one
nothing one to, listeners, when a nigga says 1, 2
on a mic and you listen up, But what's going on
Who's in control, do your sense know?
come to your senses but slowly,
Don't rush it, you love it, it's just music,
This is what happens when youre


it's like a Fortis trees
You gotta believe
no pores in your sleeves
hearts on it so you gotta shed love
spread it, maybe it'll be a love letter
with lettuce, the feast offering, so keep talking
Everybody wanna leave in the coffin, but so often
you fall asleep, and then Autumn comes
and then, you leaf, awe is what you're in
nothing but a discussion in what the wind has brought us
what have we taught us, We get to askin what we know,
so passionate that was just a flow, tryin to brake down the words
trying to brake down the perks, do i get on your nerves? for sure
but, are you


Somebody crossed the Line, i gotta push em back,
And i don't wanna push at all
I don't even like to fight
My fists are a ball
The gloves are On
I'm ready to gooooo
i'm ready to gooooooo
i'm chillin...
ha, you know?

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