Monday, July 26, 2010

Wonderful Pink Polo

Another day lost
Another day as Charles
Another day across the stars (Heh)
I keep my mind in the clouds
Im an Alien
Hope they won't be finding me out
The beat is so crazy I don't know what to rhyme about
But it's better than you niggas rhyming about, Nothin (Haha)
What sort of gossip about
Nobodies fucking with me..
God doesn't count (Hah)
So what's there to be modest about when I know I rule the world
You inside of my house
If you die then you
God got it from there
So what happens to you after I don't honestly care
See my hairs made of wool get a lock of my hair
Im mysteriously cute
Women stop just to stare
And as hard as they try not to get snared in the beartrap
I glare back
You probably scared

Say he going crazy
And we seen this before
But im doing pretty good as far as geniuses
And im doing preety hood in my pink polo
do doing preety hood in my pink polo(x2)
Say he going crazy
And we seen this before
But im doing hood in my pink polo(Find your dreams come true)
in my pink polo
in my pink polo
in my pink polo
in my pink polo (Check it out)

Never ran from a fight
I lost and came back
The game is like a fight
Got lost and came back
So I laugh at niggas that they lost their chain
And act like lost their brain
Their O.G. bought they chain back.
Meanwhile I got my pink polo on
The pink polo
So you can be polo'd on
Get it?
Throw some D's and rosaries
Air out like popery and hopefully
You can get close to me
And notice me
For the extraterrestrial being
You know who I be
That's bad english
But fuck your english
This broken english
Bad enough to speak it
Good enough to through it up
But bad enough to keep it
My world is strange
No fucking secret
Make summer music and winter
I love the seasons
No effect for the cause
Just a reason
Im just a reason
Your just a reason
Love is a trend that you love to demon
Fucking angels making love to demons
I've been honest since the chronic
Get it popping with no option
Try to stop my run on the club Sonic and Robotnik
Father time make my guts I must be adopted
Mother nature hates his guts it's fine she let him pop it
Nine months later here I come on a rocket
Now im grown and Show's dead so I come on a rocket
To give life to you dead ass niggas
You don't get I gave LIFE to you dead ass niggas
Life is misunderstood I blast from it
Anything else could be blast from this
Imma fucking human being with an asteris
After this try to find yourself an ass to kick
Your laseris..
Welcome back

My friend just died.. Her name was Meagan Scantling.. 7/19/2010 ... May she rest in piece.
‎"They say the good die young, I'd like to think the good don't die." You will be missed..


Anonymous said...

"try to stop my run on knuckle up Sonic and Robotnik"

Anonymous said...

can u do 'The Incomplete Circle (u)' pleaseeeeeeeeee?