Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Niggas hear I was returning and the police presents rose
my beat fetish improves sweep the street from head to toe
I think I read I know sleep in the bed alone
to keep my better focus from leaking and being dead and cold
bow and arrrow from cupid is holding my narrow tarrow? pollution
enclosed in a barrel for battle music chatter
I have to lose in a sence to travel to the end
I'm saddle proof again so it's a fact that I'm useful again
attack my character like that is something new
but I'm passed the foolishness of laughing at the dude within
so lose the grin of attitude cause I'm rapping to begin
the saddest view of the end packing bags ain't cool to him
so it's a magical loop and then a fast cool event
that has the majority of seniority aruging with the stars in me
so for the heart of me the heat? asked where are you
I think fast and nervously reply in Albuquerque
made the left turn so it's a Loony Tunes joke
usually a clue but only due to who's smoking
jeweler? from the throat, the fluid pumps
as you do something, the state of the art brave heart
so whos coming with me, so who want it with me
is this dementia
is this then when then again gets mention
am I snapping or is glue in my path
pretty embarrassing question like who's in my ass
only answered by a preist like who's the a glass
or is that a question for Jacks?
damn it's losing passion
to many askers of the same damn question
explain Clandestine and remain a woman and man destin
fame can test you its name I can't let you obtain
and be happy that traces of its name left you
places I can't explain how I meet you
face from such places remain sane
and I get through the lazers I set on the terrain
to drain the puss you collected
but fuckin up the percussion, I'm stretching thin
shake my hat and pat my head when I think over thinking is over
the minute I think of over thinking it's over
so I think I'm over thinking, thinking over it's over

Rodney Watkins on the lyrics! lol

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