Saturday, July 31, 2010

Neverland Ranch

I don't love faaame, I'm scared of it
Too really unprepared for it, so i dont mind sharin it
Nigga im tripping, This rap game
Too smart for it, put too much of my heart in it
Now i want no parts of it
I just want you to listen

I don't love dough, not chasin it
Had a mill and i wasted it(real talk)
On some basic shit,(Y'all niggas know) money to the homies
Now, no home, and im in it(Thats funny?)
So nigga fuck your promises, apology later
But, i confess, people im lonely

Selling The Binge 3, two for five
Enough for some chicken wings, juice and fries
Might go Muslim, suit and tie
Might Cobain, suicide
Hamiltion idol, bitch you decide
All these critics have abused my pride
All these bitches won't screw, but lie
They know i rap but to them, ima stupid guy
Charlie Mayfield, Superfly
Look at my songs, hopin to boost my high
Feel like im trippin, but my shoes are tied
To be one of the greats, u gotta lose your mind
To make it to the gates, you gotta use your mind
Well im a real clueless guy
So when i see the gatekeeper, i use my Nine
Nine is universe, Numerology
Illuminati owes your dude an apology
Havent been to a meeting, im not cool enough
My $100 bill whithers cause i used it up
The windows' reflection says "you stupid chuck"
New Opportunity, and now you wanna screw it up?
I give a face similar to Scrooge McDuck
Ignorance is bliss, im a bum when im rich
But im poor to these important, but stupid fucks

You don't know, my pain inside
I am too ashamed to cry
Why must i remain alive
The Music Only...
I love, Simooone but i was told
If i can't provide the dough
Then its simply time to go
And then i'll be lonely...

Thats just how i feel
Y'all already know how I do
The One, The only Charles Hamilton

Submitted by Josh Strokes!!! #WIN!!!

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