Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Guy Goes Off

Im more ill than Yuck
So I spill blood when I kill this cut
It's like slittin a slit wrist after it gets split
I go so deep my vein miss the blade
Until I heal when spill this slick shit
Remember im ill not sick
So in context I have been in quarantine
So prepare for more of me in the hordest beat
Don't worry me Or hurry me
I shit on competition after a curry feast
Sitting on cloud 9 I can urque (?) your seat
Im in your face like cosmetic surgery
Murder the stars cosmic burgundy
Real stars are bright, Aight'?
So while I can still be nice
Allow me to address the stars that got me tight

(Chris Brown)
This nigga just started smelling his own piss
Decking his chick over some cellular phone shit
Call me a bitch with a gift
Cus' even if he swings I'll still be with "Chris"tmas
Call around
Charlie Brown look at Joe cool
No rules
Kill em' and leave no clues
You bout as gangster as ??? Ortega
Only thing that's forever is Sega
You was just plain wrong to be modest
Snatch your middle name it belongs to Sonic
You cold like a drought
And you ain't from the block so you don't know what that's about
You were born to a groupie you stupid motherfucker
You lucky I ain't have my niggas chew you up and rucka

This nigga killed autotune right when I mastered it
Ain't that a bitch
Now im coming back with it
Apparently you don't know nothing
You can't run a town that you don't show up in
So what
There's a Jay on your roster that's nicer than you
And the "A" in your nostrils must've been a grave for your hot flow
Cus' K got you on the track looking like a snot nose
On the mic I hear you talk
Your flow is boring your getting old
Somewhere far along this rode you lost your soul
How can you be so garbage?
Or is it me that's retarded?
I think it's you that garbage

Number 1...
With a bullet!

1 comment:

Kevin Donoghue said...

It's "Jeannie Ortega"

She's not gangsta... at all, that's the point of the bar.