Wednesday, July 28, 2010


exercising demons put the devil on a treadmill
never quiet screaming looking trouble in the face
fixation with satan is blatant but in this situation
I kiss the face of the base, so whats lower
like Marge at bat this is a fuckin Homer
a fuckin loner and a fuckin stoner
I guess Bam Bam can't stand the Rubble over
bubble like folgers say whats up to my soldiers
Russia wasn't cold until my brother rush me closer
like stop playing with the mother fuckers Cobra
so I murked all of G.I. Joe
fuck the movie ending I'm flier than Iago
from freezing on the block to sleeping on a cot
to beating on her twat to Key Largo
I leave you looking shocked when I heat up what I got
like pizza and some rocks when I eat my nose
like I know it sounds kinda dumb
but the smell is addicting got your face all numb
take off and run like a baseball pun
I'ma start watching cricket just to make yall wanna
understand, matter fact I'ma quote water polo
sorry rappers I'm more violent than all you homos
shout out to B.o.B. the boy is a prodigy
that nigga can rap and his music doesn't bother me
Ash is cool change coming follow me
everyone else owes me a huge apologize
you don't deserve to know I even put cologne on
so praise my name cop a dime and get your roll on
get your roll on nigga get your roll on
I gotta gun that could leave your mother so gone
not that mother, I mean the cat of which you accidents
spill out of to get your fuckin grow on
my kids are mad hype like dad go on
I got nicer than them they like dad hold on
I start writing for them, then no song
I mean no song won't have a dope flow
Charles Manson host of the dope show
I'm so dope that the thought of falling off has no hope
now if you retarted run this back and say I have no quotes

Last one from Rodney Watkins for TONIGHt

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