Monday, July 5, 2010

Come Back To You

(I'll always, come back to you) x 6

I don't believe this shit
no matter what

Verse 1

you see
I dead ass wrote two drafts of the same song
thinking that you'd laugh if I came wrong
you mad at me automatically
so I'ma say my part and move back where I cam from
funny cause I came from the heart where we started
and you came from the heart when you departed
this is garbage as hard as this is distance is nothing to us
in fact its been apart of what makes us, us
I could be five minuites away you would be drifting away
a kiss on your waist was replaced by a spit in your face
if the day should come when I wasn't being your fuckin puppet
I used to do my dirt and think nothing of it
cause at the end of the day we made up, I fucking loved it
I'm not an angel far from the devil
but my heart is a metal it's fragile
but I have to come back to you

(CH talking through hook)
I got to come back to you
I have to
I love you
on everthing I love you
you don't remember everything,

Verse 2

first kiss was as sweet as the last goodbye
and thats why I have to ask you why
you have to say goodbye and I have to cry
bitch I know you feels the same way
sorry for calling you a bitch but bitch you hurt me
I need you never would I leave you
you would tell me lies and you know I would believe you
yeah sometimes I'm mean to you
I know when I'm your headache that other guy is aleve to you
but you know what aleve could do
that shit kills a headache is natural
not to be and asshole but baby you need me
I'm mean piece by piece as this liquor deceives me
It's easy to see why you want to leave me
but fuck that I'm your greatest your latest
and you're the heart rapest I can't take this
just listen as I vent I told you forever
and this is what I ment
and this is what I ment

(CH talking through hook)
and this is what I feel
and this shit is real
this ain't what I want to feel
I don't want to deal with this shit with you
I ain't even with conceal shit
hitting the ceiling and shit

Verse 3

I can't see you with any nigga
I'm making moves for us bitch you don't see the bigger picture
when things get right I'll be getting with cha
but now I'm going crazy fuck drying tears come swim in the river
come drown with me get lost and found with me
I'm sprialing to hell come down with me
fuck the past celebrate now with me
how can we honestly not give the time that we
spent like it was you last check from your greatest asset
stocks for are anniversary
you too deep in to shove me off the deep in
you're shallow I'm an asshole we're even
why the fuck you talking about leaving
I ain't Usher I ain't letting shit burn
this ain't the Matrix I aint Fishburne
I don't know the world's greatest mysteries
all I know is that you're It for me
I love you girl we got history

(CH talking through hook)
none of this other shit means shit to me
just trying to build another dynasty
so please look in the eyes of me
look into every thing else
stop looking at yourself
stop being selfish

I'm trying to say
I'm tying to say I'm not irreplaceable
fuck all that shit man
I hope Beyonce got you'll thinking
stop listening to people
I stopped listening to my friends so long ago
I started loving you, what the fuck you want me to do
no matter what man, no matter you can pick a female
I ain't going nowhere else, you know I aint going nowhere else
is it that easy to walk away, and we waste all this time
stick with it, I stick with everything else
I work on me you work on you lets work together I love you

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Anonymous said...

"I'm sorry for callinq you a bitch, BUT BITCH U HURT ME! I NEED YOU!" ... BestSonq <3