Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wrist Music

Wrist music

No punch-ins! Yo

Hello wrist, I'm focused. I know the pain of the game is what yo don't
miss. I know the vibe of the dye is what I go with. No females arived
in lotion. Had to drown my pride in the ocean. I worte this with my
brother beside me. Only in love with the lover inside me. Or so I
think, so he covers my blind sleep. Another fine week gone in the
commode, on and on it goes. Finally I get along with pros. Finally I
can see the pretty thong of hoes, to live and google I have what you
to long. Get mad cause I wanna go. Get glad when I'm comfortable. Get
ass in a wonderful masion, but much like my visit to Hampton, I'm sick
of this campus. That's word to the letter you serve. I feel myself get
depressed when I get better with words. Niggas shoulda left me dead on
the curb. Head full of lead, cause I curved on what I said. Merge with
the best, when I sleep like a bird in a nest. Can't go further Im
left, behind, just like the kids that are assured to be next in my
favorite biblical context. Did anyone eles read the book? Don't
believe me then you need to look. Rap wise i'm Jesus good. But Jesus
in the hood is Gz up with stolen Visas. So I crucified the crucible.
Do or die, suicide, my view of why I'm beautiful. Who am I? Someone
You should, don't ask any questions, because of what the future holds.
The scum of the earth have a gooey glow, so I'm on Jupiter makin a
movie tho. Me and my white chick, milk of magnesia. Shittin on rappers
like a feel a bad fever. Ms. Simone, my favorite pornstar makes me
miss Simone. A star was born when she walked in through the door. The
Starlight zone, don't talk anymore. In the future she gone have my lil
daughter. Till then, I'm rappin over a track from Mr. Porter. The
sickes scorer,so when the source of sorcery forces me to be a sicker
slaughter. I pick an audible play for my naughty ways. I taught today
see tomorrow, don't walk away. So at the end of the night, I say have
a nice day. But tonight might stay. Time and space could slipt when I
get violated, so I see and say. Pull up and let it rip. Me and J in
the whip. Spot some fake gangstas so we pull up and let it rip. Tell
the family, they shouldn't have said shit.
Don't wake em up from the cassket, let em R.I.P! Get a grip, mind is a
sedative, and I'm wylin, find me an exorcist! I'm the man now, on some
Mega shit! Niggas always wanna bite, on some Tera shit! But they walk
away broke, on some beggar shit! I walk away with hope, on some Better
shit! Talk to dames for the throat, on some never shit, cause I got
respect for they lips. But if I ever had to check a bitch, no lie ,
point gain. Check you Bitch!
That's why.......

Fades out.

Submitted by: Simba Rawr!!!

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