Friday, May 21, 2010

(No Title)

I didn't pay for a lapdance n1gga.
Are you my homie are just another rap fan, n1gga?
Get off my d1ck. Picture that. Can't picture?
That's damn wack. Another Black man wishin' for a fat chance.
Well I ain't Mo'nique.
You feelin this verse already and I ain't OD.
I am... well you know who I am homie.
These ballers get cooked like a Bryant kobe.
Woe me. Oh me. Oh my.
Woe is me. Woe is he. Go flee. Go fly.
Smoke weed. Choke lye. Don't know me? Go die.
You feel my buzz in the air. I'm mosquito fly.
Tuxedo guy. What?
"He's so... why?
He's so what?
Something that we don't touch."
I'm a stove in the summer.
Never drove in the Hummer,
But I dove in your mother when she told me her number.
So 1 nigga!!!!

~~Charles Hamilton~~


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