Sunday, May 16, 2010


Uh, all the money and attention in the world. No matter how old you
are,don't nothing feels better than a lil puppy love. You know my

I need a girl that can keep me in front of her. Make it so its not
that easy to front on her. Only the sky can release me from under her.
Spell, she keeps me between her sheets and comforter. And that's all
at first glance. I would put in so much work, if all that work can
exemplify, the feeling I, get inside, lookin in ya eyes. A different
mind state, then where your intuition lies. Ya dig? If not then it's
not you. It's me, so therefore it's not you. If it was, you would get
it. Smile to yourself and just zip it, well connect in a minute. Yes
it was written. My zipper where the pen is, ink spilling message all
over your kitten. But you still didn't get it. Bingo! and that's the
reason why I'm single.

Girlfriend. Tell me you like me, tell me you love me like you my,
girlfriend. Tell me you need me, life is too easy cause you my.
Girlfriend. Don't need another, you my only lover but you not even my.
Girlfriend. You not even my. Girlfriend. Damn.

She said, " why I gotta invite you to my house? It's not like I didn't
invite you to my mouth. And you know I won't do nothing spitful and I
doubt, if we end that I'll still like you, so I'm out!" I said, "Baby
wait, reconsider. I really am a decent nigga. But I've been livin this
life before sleepin wit ya. Before spending weekends wit ya, gettin
pizza wit ya. In the sheets being indecent wit ya. Doin more than just
eatin in the kitchen. Eatin in the kitchen, beatin in the kitchen. You
get horny just bein in the kitchen. I get flashbacks when I see you in
the kitchen. So why even be in the kitchen, if when we begin cookin,
we get interupted. Cause all these people lookin to cook with they own


Another story bout how another shorty found out how to make another
story be a public story. Fuck a shorty, you knew it was comin. Late
nights wide awake thinking bout you moving and humming. Your voice,
exotic and hypnotic. You topless, lace bottoms, I'm rockin nothing but
my boxers. I start poppin, it and you get it poppin. Not enough time
for a condom. Magnums don't fit, I'm a monster, I promise. But
passion, has to be a sponsor. So if your honest, no karma. Any drama?
You gonna hate being my baby momma. Hats off to me for being mad raw.
Arguements we can laugh off, unless what you say is the last straw.
Then don't come back..(at all at alll attt allllll)


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