Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Bermuda Triangle

im too nice your dude might get 2 mics
in the source from my lyrical intercourse
cause i spew these new types of venom
more crews might try to meet the DJ in the blue sky
why 2 mics? cause niggas wont get it
let me translate for all you wild slow bitches
groups of Mcs might puke and then leave the game
hang themselves to view my 16s
cause i write with god's percision and satans swag
you niggas is not permitted with your hatin ass
stop your bitchin while im makin cash
i just, drop a writtin to have you shakin fast
and your socks and slippers
i hope u got some mittins, you in a hot position
when i bake you fags, open the oven my flow is disgustin
but i make so much sense i bet oprah would love it
so, let me be ignorant for a little bit, i sell fertilizer
i dont give a shit haha

(Show Tufli)
Now just watch how i take off, take notes
i got a offer soon as i stepped off the booth
im with 2 fly suicide you left in the coast
you couldnt take a step in my lokes
motherfucker im the goat, and the toasted liver
i provoke, my hearts cold no coat
your flows whack no hope
how the hell do you hustle but you still so broke
show showed you hip hop, you still dont know?
Im still hood, im still polo
the flows still dope, im still no joke
so while them jokes still after me
them students, cant fuck with faculty
these niggas that wanna battle dont matter to me
so go head spit, and end up a casualty

(Yung Nate)
Ima be Dead still spittin,i grab ya crown with ya head still in it
Where your favorite rapper? ill rip him
with no bars on the track i just adlib it
Uh nigga, killin dudes with this mic
the switch is my trigger
i wont dig a new ditch, just make the hole bigger
Pause nigga, no life support nigga
i run into the ER blood n run the Court nigga
im gone sonny you not hot at all nigga
call me nate zeus walk on water like ribbit
and if shorty fly, i fuck around and lick it
i want my money, and make sure they aint missin
cause if you lose a digit, you gonna lose some digits
Thou shall not fuck with me nor Biggit
unless you wanna relate this message to a big is
Tellem hove got BK but this my city
and its not a big apple, its just a big titty with (gets cut off)

1 comment:

CRAIG said...

Ayo its "Run into the ER Unplug the cord nigga" lmao. Ya'll need me doing this shit. I hear word for word