Friday, April 9, 2010

Black Like This Charles' Verse

I told y'all i was gonna black like this
Switch up the flow, and rap like this
Cocky as hell, don't try to act like this
Life is a bitch trying grab my dick
I cop my music taking aim for the top
Had to stop to do this taking aim to the top
Getting brain in the drop from a dame i forgot
Her name but its not while she came in the spot
I ain't even driving let anguish the drop
He ain't even got a license
Lames just watch
No chain and watch just banging tracks
We say the facts, you say whats hot
No banging glocks or slanging rocks
Or taking shots at gangsta's blocks
Straight hip-hop like Flava's clock
We are the streets but we ain't the locks
I suggest that you leave Charles be
Cause it ain't nothing to see y'all bleed
I can get a Lap dance like Lee Harvey
But i changed the game with AIM brb...bitch

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