Tuesday, November 17, 2009


All rise for the Hamilton anthem
Critics that can't stand him
Triggers that can't blam him
Executives that can't ban him
The one pair of Vans, not one man can stand in
The one that drops ill product every time
Not luck, I drop such, deadly rhymes
The one that got rappers,
that are barely vets chattin' all scary
When they barley Halle Berry with they threats
The one that never pulls punches, but accepts them
From a vet or a chick I was sexin'
And I'm still the big brother on the block
Still a lover and I'm still the color of a twat
Was that rude? Another word, box
The bloggerville slugger, love me or not
I run the web like \backslash
H double T-P colon
Kiss my black ass

(Chorus) x2
Call your friends
All your friends
Go 'head, whistle
Tell 'em that it's official
Charles Hamilton is back
Charles Hamilton is back
Charles Hamilton is back
Charles Hamilton is back

Did you forget my name?
Did you forget my name?

To be continued...

1 comment:

AHowe303 said...


I go off like analog TV,
I am a boss, Santa Clause 3D
So gifted, I answer yall calls
With 3 hoes who stand all tall when they see me
I just went OD deep, bottom of the kitty
I hope she squeaks
Don't get it now? Don't even speak when it hits u
Just go 2 sleep 4 a week
I woulda dropped an entire anthology
Bitch niggas cryin is what inspired the apology
I'm like M.F. Doom meets Daria
Meets Star & Buck
Meets Charles' nuts
And that means, I'm too hard to touch
Try it, u gon' have Johnny Carson's luck
U should wanna see me daily like Carson does
The interview and performance was raw as fuck (OPE!!! lol)


These rap people are startin to sound like enya
So I will eat these bugs, Simba.
Top 5 rappers? I'm not feelin.
Top 3 musicians? Me, Georg Solti & John Williams
Goin over composers, I'm focused
I sample the dopest and the piano gets broken
Whenever my hands get 2 strokin
Fall off? Not by a chance, cuz you're hopin.
This isn't written, it's on the top of the head
I put my lil homie on, I was plottin, not dead.
I heard people wanna pop me for bread
They gotta better chance of goin 2 a rock 4 a keg
Not the country, a rock I said
Rocks aren't even dead, snort a rock 2 the head
Meantime I'm watchin the feds
Who gotta problem? Nuff said. Charles Hamilton.