Sunday, September 20, 2009

"This Perfect Life" (Unreleased Album)

Charles Hamilton – This Perfect Life (Unreleased Album)
"By now everyone has probably heard after the buzzin of this news circulated the internets. Friend and one of my more favored XXL Freshmen; Charles Hamilton has been released from his contract with Interscope. I’ve spoken to several people from CH’s circle..One being CH’s producer and the other his former manager. They have confirmed the split from Interscope.

This separation has been in the works for months (prior to Dillagate, settle down Detroit) according to my sources. However I did see Charles recently, back in August at ESSO’s release party. He seemed well, happy go lucky and even let me hear some new music he had been working on [Sidenote: which was actually pretty good].

For those asking “..Now what?” I haven’t spoken to Charles directly since this hit online yesterday but if I know him, I’m sure he’ll find his way back in the game if he chooses to pursue music still (professionally anyway). Hold your head my dude. With that said, I’m releasing the project that some of you were looking forward to hearing.

I don’t know what legalities this is tied up with now, if any..but fuck it. hit the jump."

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