Monday, May 25, 2009

Here's How This Works...

As we all know, Charles Hamilton lyrics are hard to find, right? Right. Lol. What i'm trying to do here is allow a place for CH starchasers/fans/friends to talk specifically about his music.

For example, What's your favorite Charles Hamilton song? Okay, now listen to that song and type the lyrics out. Lol. Make sure they are correct as possible. If not, it's okay. That's what the comment box is for, correcting/discussing. 

So basically, to get this site working... I will need help from you guys. :)

My e-mail is

If you have any questions. Comment your question on this post.



Joey said...

i hope this site gets working because CH is tough to understand at times haha

what i'm saying is, he's complex

PikaCHuuu said...

One word from Charles can get it going.

CaliforniaSoul said...

Dope I like This...

I'll be coming here alot ...Help u get started

Johnny_Adama said...

can you guy also post information about songs such as the samples used, or if there is an instrumental version of the song, and if so can you post the link?

i know its a little much but just askin lol=)

PikaCHuuu said...

If I know the sample, I will provide you with the info.

Glad you guys like the blog.

Owwwwwww said...

Honesty Box? and 11:59 (pretty memories)?

Blake said...

Charles Hamilton- Baby Says i Want (Normalcy Mixtape)Lyrics

(If I have it I give it,only to regenerate it in a minute)

Verse 1
Silent wars inside my pores
Vital organs trying to stay inside
of the corps I call me
I bleed all of what you all see
so I want a bandage that can make it all
peace and peachy
Heart healing from a dark feeling
Wrap up the scars and peel the sharp thorns
?? harbor and harsh corns
walk from door to door
treating my neighborhood like an arch store
I'm above par,fore
never taking my time rushing
Dauf Lundren in part four
I wanted to kill the Apallo,I did
no matter how "Rocky" I get,I still live
As ridged as an all steel brigde
numb inside-out,I don't feel shit
All I wanted was comfort,I wonder
then I don't wonder,trust is my only blunder

I want
I want
I want
I want
I want it all
B-Baby says she want it so give it to her
give it to her*4
I want
I want
I want
I want
I want it all*4

Verse 2
She had ass class and a nice pad
I can smash laugh and write tracks
smoke grass crash get right back
Feeling surreal with civilians in the building
but it was just the two of us
lust and truted but
love was true to us
super trust
Fell harder than I would ever admit to
she was better than reasons
I can ever wish to commit to
She made me happy on some
grown up toddler shit
so I must own up to the obvious
I want her back
I want her bad
She can walk away
I can't stomach that
Every switch of her hips is sophistication
on my lap
she sits the kiss of simplization
or is her disire my disire
Love is never short in fire
but I'm only short inside her.


Verse 3
Rags to riches
wishin for wack rags
to differentiate themsleves
from last dishes
Polishing the glass dishes bare handed
can't repremand it
for it's overbarenced standerds
Concern learns to earn
while permanetly burning
So character ?? is there when
you turn into a germ
An A-T-O-M
thinking of Atom and Eve
while I'm grabing her weave
I wanna free mind
enjoying free love
grief sucks like a car getting
keyed up
club life
admition fee,three bucks
V.I.P. does not see us
Me and Me
we just stay beamed up
watching and listening
she's in her goddess position
and I'm just washing the dishes


it's what I want