Sunday, March 22, 2015

Emotional Distress

[Verse 1]
Of all the things I gotta put up with
Look up
It's dude in the sky, I'm on my good luck shit
Yup, only time can tell if my mind can prevail from my mind's little hell
Well let's see, next week I'm still Charles
The week after, yup, see I'm still Charles
Oh, I owe you nothing, I just spelled Ohio
I know you probably think that I got a lot of bitches cause I'm rocking this pink
It'd be a lot worse if I'd of copped me a mink
And I love it that my hair could possibly kink if you comb it
Cause only I own it
It's my crown homie, only I know where my crown is
Put you on notice, you're now rocking with the supernatural poet
You don't like it, then blow it, I'm going

I gotta be cool
I got to keep my peace of mind (that you know)
I follow the rules, and it's about time you follow mine
I got so much to gain in so little time
So much to gain in so little time
So much to gain in so little time
In so little tiiiime

[Verse 2]
Come on and groom me
A nice grip of Simone and my family
And I always have to keep me a Plan B
It means what it means
So it means what I means, real niggas understand me
I love me, hate my life and accept it all
So don't expect anything less from Charles
But only the best of bars and promotion
That's extra hard, so guard on
Like a backward swordsman
Back and forth that's how I rap, I'm more than...
Nice, rice, I could've been seeing green
But (?) no homie, I could've been seen the king
Or the queen, whatever, how it be
Is seen whenever you people dream
I'm here, so lonely
Top of the world, you people don't owe me


[Verse 3]
Somebody tell me why I feel this way
When I'm sad
How can I chill this way
I used to get high, sit by, let time drift by then I took a hit of sick la
Ahh, either weed or liars, so jokerish they need some fire to get higher
But I let them sit quiet, burn weed, and look at Rich Pryor
Damn, I'm the king of life, there is none higher
I'm Charles Hamilton, call me sire
My desire is never to lose what I got
Cause I'm hot, red eyes like Cyclops
So that obviously means that my mind's hot
And you already know that this rhyme's hot
Cause I'm looking at the mic, why don't I stop


(Luther Vandross "Don't You Know ?" sample)

Friday, March 20, 2015

New York Raining (ft. Rita Ora)

Miles from home, my style has grown
Sick of getting played like a xylophone
My instrument is me with thousands of bones
Wilin', I just wanna zone
My mama knows
I need a chick to be kind of dope
Smile a lot, give a lot of dome
Only to me, spoil me with your bad ass
You were like royalty, baby catch that
See the rain is making me feel painless
This relationship is so dangerous
If they find out, what would they make of it
So I savor every kiss like it's ancient
You ain't missing a thing
With other niggas who sing
I need cash just to give you a ring
Love at first sight, but it was blocked by pain
So for you, I'll exceed the top 5 in the game

[Hook: Rita Ora]
Want you baby
In the city lights
I swear I hear you call my name (call my name)
There's nothing right
I'm stuck here while you're miles away (miles away)
New York Raining
New York Raining
It's too much my babe I need you
It's too much my babe I need you
I need you

Red wine and cheese before bed time
You and I fell in love is the headline
Instead of whining about what I've been finding
I stay silent and let you chime in
You want me to talk?
Fine then.
Someone broke your heart, let me find them
But I hate fights, and now I got stage fright
Until I'm at your place at the late night
You make me smile, stop doing that
A lot is on my mind when I rap, in fact
You are a lot, I guess I rap for you
Needless to say, the sex is magical
After you, chivalry I have to do
I love it when you catch an attitude
I wanna tease you just to laugh at you
So the make up sex can be a faster move, c'mon


When the rain falls down, the pain is all out
My brain, you call out my name and that's fame
I'm looking great but I still feel shame
For real, it's the game
I feel insane
But when I'm with you, my feelings change
I love you, I really hope you feel the same
You know what I am, you're holding my hand
No one else can, so I'm your man
You palm reads bliss, what are we miss?
You are are what I miss and we all need this
Love and affection is all we miss from the world
But with each other that's all we get
I wanna hear you out, talk to me, miss
I hardly wanna slip to awesomest kiss
Call me whenever, call me forever
As long as I can call us together
I love you


[Charles Hamilton piano outro]

Thanks to the lyric video for the lyrics
Welcome back Charles, SharCHasers missed you.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Presidential Pondering (ft. Fedel)

Fedel, Charles Hamilton, keep up niggas

[Verse 1: Fedel]
Yo if I said it then I don't regret it
Every is copesthetic, flow poetic
Ahead of my time cause I'm so prophetic
And I hope you let it sink through your dome piece
Jerome be out of touch, but we still homies
I said that in another song
And just because you did a couple of good deeds don't mean do a couple wrong
Got my buckle on, cause it's a rough ride of life
The fight, make sure that your knuckles strong
Got my scuffle on, it's only natural
But nowadays niggas 13 trying to clap with you
You ain't a rapper, you more like an actor
Who smile in my face, but talk shit like them clackers do
And it's a fact that dude been through alot of shit
No politics in college yet I promise get my product is
Hotter than a lot of shit they telling you gotta get
And I don't give a fuck, I went away on a scholarship
I'm not legit, why, cause I want to get my education
Trying to get my family out the ghetto, see some better days in
Show love instead of hating,
Cause in the end it ain't about who make the cake the fastest
But whose is better tasting
This shit was devastating, could you imagine
Your brother 21 on a stretcher taking medication
And while you meditating, his soul is levitating
That's why I need them Dead Presidents to represent me

[Verse 2: Charles Hamilton]
They say, Charles don't let the industry change you?
The fuck I'm supposed to be, the industry angel
I look at life from an industry angle
Now hang around, peep the shit I say to you
Niggas know that's there's a million niggas better
Moving cribs to get the cheddar
How they feel is even better than the shit that be appealing to the masses
So when you make it, it's the ceiling with your glasses
Ask if niggas give a fuck if your bars is tough
Cause niggas is hating hard as fuck
The whole is Star and Buc
Where only superstars get bucks
And as far as us, we're scarred and touched by all the rough
Points, we point them out in the music
But we bring change man without the pollution
I ain't mad at the south, I'm mad at the mouths
Of these niggas, fuck y'all niggas rappin bout
Nigga, I'll admit I don't a straight bottom line
But if I don't rhyme, I could die out of my mind
I don't rap, I just blog on beef
Harlem all on me, while I walk along in the street
iPod on peak, I'm a goddong beast
Playing my shit, I sing along on key
Niggas stop me, yo Charles you back in the hood?
Either they happy or wish I was back here for good
Which is actually good, cause I act like I should
You know my name, niggas don't touch me though they act like they could
I'm a nigga, and you're the same shit
What a shame, I'm in the same league as Hurricane Chris
Young nigga with a catchy ass single
Something that comes along as a happy ass jingle
But I'm a sarcastic, assbastic, cracking tracks in half, smacking all rappers
They crackerjacking, I'm an attacking ass bingle(?)
What type of snack is that, nigga give me a state
I ain't on the level of legends, nigga give me a break
A straight killa, J Dilla if you give me a break
Can't stop, give me a break
I won't sit and just wait
20 y-o, not Janet
This nigga is great, you be spitting away
Shit is ok, but I kill 80 niggas a day when I break
I be spitting away
My fucking album is me digging a grave
Hip-Hop died, admit it, make a difference, get paid
It's all a fucking auction
20 thousand for the man in the pink polo
Going once, going twice, oh no he got it made
Niggas is mad cause they sold soul
Then they flop, mf's barely sold gold
Pawning they rose gold for a fucking bag of rose gold
And I'm the one making chips

And I fucked up in the verse
Doesn't even matter niggas get the point
Charles Hamilton. Fedel. Demevolist, you already know

Been awhile since I've done this, miss me? -K.M.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Return to Sender (Pink Within)

[Verse 1]
I love my life and all the people in it
But sometimes I feel as though the real is creeping in me
Don't understand it? Fine
I wanna channel my mind of pain into a minor game
So why should I complain with all the lives I was given
Silent and strange
No one knew the pink wearing, geek era
Streets every week never seen, unidentified
Then I find my thoughts are just a fist
And then I begin to brawl within the sense
To fall within the bitches that all think you could give
But it's the law that you should live
Me and my mind have this argument again
It's all because of sin
But even Charles gets lost in Charles
So come along and get lost with Charles and just...

I want you to see the pink within
Thought it was dead, then think again
(Background: I'm a fighter. Don't ever run away)
Just my own worst enemy
Cause it just comes into me

[Verse 2]
For the longest I was the strongest but didn't know it
I had the heart but mental bombers are there to explode it
Notice I wasn't trying to make anyone suffer
Immune enough to lose any bloodsucker
Gotta live, gotta breathe
Not again, set me free
I forgive, I fixeive, I forbid I deceive
I am himness indeed, this is garbage to Hamilton
You are living together, you're in my image and presence
So just get it together
I know you've been through the weather to make you pick up umbrellas
This is just never when you drift to whenever
I make you imagine and you believe it
And that's the reason for believing all of the secrets
Of creeping, seeking, deep in, but in the end
You gotta understand, you are who you are
I guess in essence, I am who you are
And never far

I want you to see the pink within
Thought it was dead, then think again
(Background: I'm a fighter. Don't ever run away)
Just my own worst enemy
Cause it just comes into me

[Verse 3]
So much has changed, it's all an illusion
The smog and pollution, it's all in the music
The problem is used to the one that's right in front of him
Everybody come to him cause they all want to get something then
Something else, nothing helps, you see my fucking help?
If I touch you, I could fucking melt
But as a younger me, I wasn't scared to touch myself
Being touched and felt by inspirations in my life
Penetration in your mind, is it rape or is it crime
It makes no sense to make defense, I couldn't write with things
I'm right again, my inner good is what I like to send
My vitamin is knowing that this life again
Homie, so try again while imaginations night
Fight the wind, life will end in a candle(?)
This is a fire you can handle

I want you to see the pink within
Thought it was dead, then think again
(Background: I'm a fighter. Don't ever run away)
Just my own worst enemy
Cause it just comes into me

I feel like my mind is split into 3 parts. You know growing up I learned that I was made in God's image and I also learned to appreciate love me as Charles Hamilton. And I've also learned to grow and appreciate reality. So I'm ready to say anything, it's my life, it's my world. Don't ever run away, don't ever run away, it's the breaks. I can't God out of me and I can't take reality out and all I can do is be the best Charles Hamilton I can be, so holla. But God created me. I'm out

Like the last one, could've finished this a long time ago. *Insert apology here*- K.M.
P.S.- Don't copy and paste my personal words to Rap Genius Eddee. Just the lyrics

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wishbones, Horseshoes, and Basketball

This sucks, I know
Pick up the soap
Raped by the faith, so I live just to float
In that baptismal pool, it's just that dismal
But the fact is that no black pistol
Can take away the inner pain that my mind encounters
Addicted to you, you're behind the counter
And I'm who found her, cure the empty heart syndrome
But it's really hard with these pretty broads drifting
I've never seen you, forced to believe
Blessed enough, so what more to believe
New reason why I'm scorching this beat
So the whores and the cheese ain't important to me
A warm heart that was forced to be colder
The force on my shoulder is a 4 leaf clover

I did it before, I'm trying again
I'm dying to win, am I lucky enough?
Lady Luck, where you at?
Lady Luck, Lady Luck, Lady Luck
Where you at?

I did it before, I try it again
I'm dying to win, am I lucky enough?
Lady Luck, where you at?
Lady Luck, Lady Luck, Lady Luck
Where you at?

[Verse 2]
I sit alone trying to think what our next encounter will be like
I doubt it will be like a first time
Basketball court in my hood
You was looking good, tight green jeans
I had my Nike sneaks
You a hot fascist(?), smiling at me
I was wild happy
At the foul line trying to drop buckets
The look in your eyes made me stop fussing
But I couldn't pop nothing
Lady Luck was near but not with me
Maybe I lost or maybe I got busy
Either way, I knew she had to stop kidding
Every time she plays hard to get, she dropkicks me
I don't not wish we split to begin with
I need her in my life, the most blessed man on Earth
And the best kept secret as his wife, alright

I did it before, I'm trying again
I'm dying to win, am I lucky enough?
Lady Luck, where you at?
Lady Luck, Lady Luck, Lady Luck
Where you at?

I did it before, I try it again
I'm dying to win, am I lucky enough?
Lady Luck, where you at?
Lady Luck, Lady Luck, Lady Luck
Where you at?

[Verse 3]
Can I have faith in luck
Is this space enough, are we awake in lust
Sleep in love, half baked from dust
Luck you gotta tell me
Don't want to rely on the Bel vi, dear
Don't cry cause when your eyeliner smears
I unwind a beer in the lonely ass room
Forced to hear voices I don't like to hear
Tortured by the voices, dynamite through my ears
I'm a psycho, it's clear, but please don't put me down
Pick me up and look around
There's no one else around, just us two
Just our luck, Luck loves us two

I did it before, I'm trying again
I'm dying to win, am I lucky enough?
Lady Luck, where you at?
Lady Luck, Lady Luck, Lady Luck
Where you at?

I did it before, I try it again
I'm dying to win, am I lucky enough?
Lady Luck, where you at?
Lady Luck, Lady Luck, Lady Luck
Where you at?

(Lost In Space)

"Listen, Doc, I'm, uh, I'm thinking this is your basic kiss for luck occasion. Wouldn't you agree?
-Major Don West

"Thinking... That's not really your strong suit, is it?"

(Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
Patrick:I never really had much luck with the ladies
Maybe if you stop stealing their panties

(Back To The Future Part III)
Doc: Well, good luck for both of our sakes. See you in the future
Marty: You mean the past
Doc: Exactly!

[DJ Skee]
Young Charles, what up man, it's Skee. Yo, I've been trying get at you homie, but uhhh now I know why your message back is slow. Anyways man, we're like 2/3 of the way through the mixtape, 2/3 of the way through the Hamiltonization Process campaign, but yo, need these last couple records so we could finish the mixtape tonight. Hit me back, also got to tell T about this video H&R's were telling me about, we could be in New York man this week and knock it out. But anyways it's Skee and we back and we gotta finish the mixtape, The L Word. Let's make history.

Uhh, I've had the lyrics since March 1, forgot to post them. Soooo...sorry about that- K.M.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Toca Tuesdays Freestyle

[Tony Touch]
While I kick a little rhyme, talk a little shit
You know I don't quit
Camera's over there, but he should be right here
But I don't give a fuck man, I don't really care
With my man, yeah, I ain't trying to battle him
I'm hanging out in the club with Charles Hamilton
He's a motherfucking problem,
So get get on the motherfucking M-I-C, motherfucker stop em

[Charles Hamilton]
What I've been trying to do so eloquently
Is let you know know that ever since this century
Of...I don't know, Pick 1,2, or 3
I've always been the 1, what you gon do with me
So fluently or stupidly I speak my English
Hoping these cats would repeat it so...
You want to play or listen and stay
Either way, like Anthony Kiedis, give it away now
Or do what Flea does, be on the bass now
Either way, see my face, give me a great pound
Like what's up, you my favorite rapper
Blazing rappers the same way cats be blazing rappers
Or ripping rappers so they can blaze the backwoods
Am I Freeway or feeling free today
Either way, this is a free for me
Hotter than the day, May, what day is it B
A-B-C, D-E-F
You can't hear me cause basically I'm never left
Or I'm never wrong, so I'm never left back
Unless the setback is when I'm ever wrong
I remember when I was wrong 8th grade
Almost failed, didn't graduate, now hey
Everybody's giving me a pound, I'm hotter than gay suede
Call me C slay, slay everybody every day
I ain't even trying to lay back and watch motherfuckers lay in the grave
I'm sorry, one curse this whole verse
That's how you know this universe ain't cursed
Wow, because I'm trying to flow from y'all
So I guess I get my flow through y'all
So I guess I'm like Noah's Ark
There's only two of me, well there's only one of me, I'm so damn Charles
So focused, I'm not Raven
And I'm not playing, cause that's so me
I rap on beat, rap off D, and rap OD
So what you cats gonna know about me when I'm done
Pharmaceutical, Charles is beautiful, I'm charming as usual
Hard and beautiful is the beat
Damn this is like some farm hood or Sesame Street
I don't know, either way it's so PBS to me
Rap must be the destiny, either that or a cap of ecstasy
Coming off the cap like there's ecstasy in it
And you're high for a couple of minutes
Come on Touch, come on, get up in it
This cypher must be sent from the heavens above
Everybody love it, 11 and up
7 is  back, cause 7 is how you spell Chuck when you spell Charles
Y'all going all crazy, I just went yard
This is hard ball, so guess who's at bat
Tony Touch, might as well twist the cap back

[Tony Touch]
That's right, that's right, man y'all been served
You know the motherfucking pedigree, y'all know my word
I'm hanging out with my crew on Shade 45
Every day, all day, and you know we keep it live, word up
Charles Hamilton y'all, that's what the fuck I'm saying man

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ms. Woo (Wet)

Dr. Carlisle.
When I crawl out my bed?

That's how I started the song off...

[Verse 1]
Dr. Carlisle.
When I crawl outta bed? All I thought about was killin' all of y'all.

North Coast got turbulent waves.
Heard it was SEGA.
But the don't even know me.
They love me?

It's the tower. I believe it.
Fred Astaire.
For real, though.

Is it because of the wet I SHARE...


[Continuation of Verse 1]
I'm the gothic Mr. Poppers.
Mr. Get It Poppin' By Your Locker.
I dissed him before, for reasons he ain't know.

*beat plays for remaining duration*